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Home Buyer Mortgage

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Home Equity Line of Credit

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Home Equity Loan

Access Up To 90% Home EquityWhat Is Home Equity? Home equity is money available in a home, and calculated as property value minus mortgage balance(s), including line of credits and liens. For example if a property is valued at $500,000 and the home owner(s) have a total mortgage balance of $300,000, then the home equity available is $200,000. What Is A Home Equity Loan? A home equity loan is a mortgage loan that is approved based on home equity. Traditionally, for home equity loans, income and credit are not considered for qualifying as the qualification is based on the equity in the home. Home equity lenders will,... More

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Consolidate Debt Into Your Mortgage

Home Reno/Construction

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Self Employed Mortgage Qualifications

What Are Self Employed Mortgage Requirements?

mortgage brokerGetting approved for a mortgage for self employed home buyers or self employed home owners is quite easy. In today’s real estate market with house prices having increased significantly, and changes to Canadian mortgage rules including the stress test, self employed borrowers are finding it harder to qualify for a mortgage, because of low income reported to on their Notice of Assessment Tax Returns. For most business owners, this makes it very difficult to purchase your dream home or access equity from your property, as most business owners have operating expenses which are written off against their income for tax purposes.

We will get you approved with your bank statements – Not Tax Returns!

Self Employed Mortgage Documents Required


Proof Of Self Employment

Proof Of Business Licence or Articles of Incorporation

Bank Statement History

3 or 6 Months Bank Statements To Show Business Revenue

Home Equity

20% Down PaymentWhat Is A Down Payment? A down payment is the monies a home buyer puts towards purchasing a property. In many cases, the down payment is a minimum of 5% and can be greater. Often times, the home buyer will borrower the remainder of the purchase price as mortgage, which the lender will register the mortgage charge as security on the property. Down Payment Requirements Institutionally, a down payment cannot come for borrowed funds with repayment terms. Banks and lender are governed by anti-money laundering regulations which they must comply with to verify the source of a borrower's down payme... More or 20% Equity In Your Home

Not Required

Notice Of Assessments

NOA's Are Not Required, As You're Qualified With Bank Statements

T1 Generals

Not Required, As Write-Offs & Expenses Don't Matter

Financial Statements

Not Required, As Write-Offs & Expenses Don't Matter

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