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Private Mortgages Are Approved Based On Equity, Whether RefinancingMortgage refinancing is changing the term of the mortgage before the maturity date of the mortgage. A borrower refinancing their mortgage will be breaking their current mortgage, and often incurring an applicable penalty for early repayment, and replacing their mortgage with a new mortgage. Home owners are often refinancing their mortgage to get a lower interest rate, consolidate debt, do home renovations, or access equity from their home. Refinancing a mortgage requires a borrower to qualify for the new mortgage with their income and credit. Refinancing a mortgage can be done at any tim... More or Purchasing


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Why Get A Private Mortgage

Debt Consolidation

Pay Mortgage Arrears

Investment Opportunity

Home Renovation

Property Tax Arrears

Business Financing

Stop Power of Sale

Stop Foreclosure

Pay For Education

CRA Income Taxes

Pay Consumer Proposal

Emergency Money

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Private Mortgage Lenders – Fast Access To Equity In Your Home

A private mortgage, first, second or third mortgage, from a private lender is the quickest and easiest method for getting financing. Wether you are refinancing your current home, or purchasing a property, a private mortgage is the easiest mortgage to qualify for.

Our private lenders approve your mortgage based on the equity in the property, and not the traditional credit and income qualifications the banks require. Whether you have good credit, bad credit, no credit, came out of a bankruptcy, or are currently in a consumer proposal we can get your private mortgage approved fast and easy!

How Much Money Does Your Property Qualify To Borrow?

Use The Second Mortgage Calculator To Get A Free Second Mortgage Quote, Based On Your Home EquityWhat Is Home Equity? Home equity is money available in a home, and calculated as property value minus mortgage balance(s), including line of credits and liens. For example if a property is valued at $500,000 and the home owner(s) have a total mortgage balance of $300,000, then the home equity available is $200,000. What Is A Home Equity Loan? A home equity loan is a mortgage loan that is approved based on home equity. Traditionally, for home equity loans, income and credit are not considered for qualifying as the qualification is based on the equity in the home. Home equity lenders will,... More. (No Obligations)

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Approvals Are Based On Home Equity Only


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My credit cards debt was getting out of control, and very hard to manage. Mortgage Associates Ontario assessed my situation, and arranged an equity based second mortgage and I consolidated my bills with two days. I couldn't have done it without their help and recommend them to anyone needing to consolidate debts.

Heather RobertsonRichmond Hill, Ontario

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How Much Do You Qualify For?

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  • How Much Does Your Property Qualify For?

    Private Mortgage Lenders DO NOT REQUIRE Income or Credit Qualifications. Approved On Equity Only!

    Home Equity loan calculator, calculate second mortgage paymentsFor a Private Mortgage or Equity Loan, the only thing needed to qualify is equity in your home. Lenders will allow an equity take out of up to 90% of your property value!

  • Reason To Take Out A Private Mortgage

    • Debt Consolidation
    • Home Renovations
    • Mortgage Arrears
    • Pay Off Consumer Proposal
    • Pay Off Bankruptcy
    • Fast Cash From Home Equity
    • Stop Bank Power of Sale
    • Stop Foreclosure
    • Property Tax Arrears
    • Personal Debts
    • Vacation
    • Pay for Education
  • How Long Does The Process Take?

    Private mortgages are easier to obtain than traditional mortgages from financial institutions. Private lenders are more interested in the equity in your home as well as the marketability of your property, as opposed to your income.

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