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Since most lenders are seeking your business at the time of your mortgage renewal, most lenders will cover your appraisal and legal cost!

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Since you currently have a mortgage, the process of refinancingMortgage refinancing is changing the term of the mortgage before the maturity date of the mortgage. A borrower refinancing their mortgage will be breaking their current mortgage, and often incurring an applicable penalty for early repayment, and replacing their mortgage with a new mortgage. Home owners are often refinancing their mortgage to get a lower interest rate, consolidate debt, do home renovations, or access equity from their home. Refinancing a mortgage requires a borrower to qualify for the new mortgage with their income and credit. Refinancing a mortgage can be done at any tim... More is much more simple than when you originally got a mortgage. We make the process simple & seamless!

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Save by getting a lower interest rate for your next mortgage termA mortgage term is the time period which the mortgage agreement is in effect. Mortgage terms can range from 6 months and up to 10 years. The mortgage term is set at the time of the approval of the mortgage. The mortgage term shouldn't be confused with the amortization period of the mortgage, as the mortgage term is usually 5 years whereas the amortization period can be 25 year to 35 years. At the time of the mortgage approval, a borrower should determine how long of a mortgage term they would like to take, as there is usually a penalty for repaying a mortgage by refinancing or selling their... More. Lowest Rates Guaranteed! A new mortgage, customized just for you -- Perhaps a home equityWhat Is Home Equity? Home equity is money available in a home, and calculated as property value minus mortgage balance(s), including line of credits and liens. For example if a property is valued at $500,000 and the home owner(s) have a total mortgage balance of $300,000, then the home equity available is $200,000. What Is A Home Equity Loan? A home equity loan is a mortgage loan that is approved based on home equity. Traditionally, for home equity loans, income and credit are not considered for qualifying as the qualification is based on the equity in the home. Home equity lenders will,... More line of credit?

When your mortgage is maturing, this is the best opportunity to shop for a better rate, and mortgage product for your next term.

Typically, most home owners stay with their current lender until their mortgage has matured. As your current mortgage comes up for renewal/maturity, your existing mortgagee may offer you a renewal for a new term and interest rate. You have no obligation to stay with the same lender. It’s always recommended to take full advantage of this opportunity and have a Mortgage Agent, shop and negotiate the best term and lowest interest rate, to not only lower your monthly payments, but also reduce your cost of borrowing by thousands of dollars each year.

With access to more than 30 lenders and financial institutions competing for your business, let’s explore your mortgage renewal options and choose from the best term and interest rate offered to you. What may have been a good interest rate and term when you originally placed your mortgage, may not be the best terms & rate today.

One Hour Of Reviewing Your Situation Can Potentially Save You A Tonne Of Money, And Help Pay Down Your Principal Balance Much Faster. It’s Time Well Spent!

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