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Mortgage refinancing can be a little overwhelming sometimes. We see a lot of advertisement from banks and lenders with today’s lowest interest rate mortgages, however lower rates don’t always mean that it’s a better mortgage for you.  Using a mortgage broker for mortgage refinancing can eliminate the confusion.

Our expert Mortgage Brokers are trained, specifically, to understand your current financial situation, while also gaining information regarding your future financial goals. This is very important as it helps us understand which type of mortgage product, and terms to seek for our clients.

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Reasons To Refinance A Mortgage

Reason Home Owners Refinance Their Mortgage

Debt Consolidation

Investment Opportunity

Real Estate Investment

Home Renovation

Business Financing


Lower Interest Rate

Pay For Education

Auto Financing

CRA Income Taxes

Emergency Money

Personal Use

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I was making the minimum monthly payments on my credit cards and loans for a couple of months while I was trying to keep my credit score in good standings. The minimum payments weren't paying my balances off quickly, so I decided to refinance my mortgage to consolidate my debts. Now I only have one payment, which is my mortgage payment and it certainly lifted a big weight off my shoulders, to pay off the debts.

George PetrakisToronto, Ontario

How Much Do You Qualify For?

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    mortgage refinance calculatorCalculate your mortgage rate, term and payments using a mortgage refinancing calculator. We the process very simple for you to qualify using your home equity, and not credit or income.

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  • Reason To Refinance

    • Debt Consolidation
    • Home Renovations
    • Mortgage Arrears
    • Pay Off Consumer Proposal
    • Pay Off Bankruptcy
    • Fast Cash From Home Equity
    • Stop Bank Power of Sale
    • Stop Foreclosure
    • Property Tax Arrears
    • Personal Debts
    • Vacation
    • Pay for Education
  • How Long Does The Process Take?

    What is a Refinance Calculator


    Our Refinance Calculator is a free and easy-to-use online mortgage calculator used to calculate how much equity there is in your home, which banks and lenders will allow you to refinance as a second mortgage or home equity loan.

    There is no credit check or income verification required. The Home Equity Loan Calculator will calculate the maximum home equity loan or second mortgage you can take from your property, based on the equity remaining in your property, taking into consideration any existing first mortgage, second mortgage, or home equity line of credit.

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