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What Is A Home Equity Loan Mortgage?

what is a home equity loan

A home equity loan mortgage is a mortgage program that allows home owners to access the home equity they have available in their home to withdraw from their property, as a secure mortgage loan.

Many home equity loan programs don’t require credit and income qualifications, as a home equity loan is approved based on the property’s equity.

How Home Equity Loans Work

how home equity loans work

Home equity loans are typically based on the appraised value of a home, and the difference between the appraisal value, and the registered mortgages/liens on a property. This is money that has been built into the property by various ways such as; the initial down payment made when the home was purchase, the property value going up, the mortgage balance being paid down, etc.. The equity available in the property is money a home owner can access.

How To Get A Home Equity Loan Mortgage

Step 1: Complete The Form Above, to apply for a home equity loan

Step 2: Get Instant Home Equity Loan Approvals & Offer(s)

Step 3: Sign Mortgage Documents

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Approvals Based On Home Equity, Not Credit or Income!

Good Credit & Good Income Get You Top Competitive Rates & Offers!

A Home Equity Loan Can Be Used For Many Reasons, Including…

Debt Consolidation

Pay Mortgage Arrears

Investment Opportunity

Home Renovation

Property Tax Arrears

Business Financing

Stop Power of Sale

Stop Foreclosure

Pay For Education

CRA Income Taxes

Pay Consumer Proposal

Emergency Money

Fast Access To Home Equity – Home Equity Loans Approved on Equity

With a home equity loan, you don’t need to have good credit or income to qualify. Whether you’ve come out of a bankruptcy, are in a consumer proposal, or have good or bad credit, you’re home equity loan can be approved.  Approvals are based on equity remaining in your home

It’s the easiest way to access money in your home without the standard income and credit requirements the banks have.

Debt Consolidation Using Home Equity

Use your home equity to consolidate your outstanding debts into one simple and easy monthly payment, and pay off those unwanted bill to become debt free faster!

Mortgage/Tax Arrears

Use a home equity loan to catch Up On Mortgage or Tax Arrears before it's too late. Use a second mortgage to bring your payments up to date. Get us involved to stop your lender from foreclosing on your home.

Home Renovations With Home Equity

Use your home equity for home renovations and improvements. Get the kitchen or finished basement you've always dreamed of.

Second Mortgage

A Second Mortgage or Home Equity Loan is usually the quickest and fastest way to take out fast cash from your property as it doesn't have income and credit qualify requirements as traditional lenders would.
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My credit cards debt was getting out of control, and very hard to manage. Mortgage Associates Ontario assessed my situation, and arranged an equity based second mortgage and I consolidated my bills with two days. I couldn't have done it without their help and recommend them to anyone needing to consolidate debts.

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