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What Is A Debt Consolidation Mortgage?

How Does A Debt Consolidation Mortgage Work?

debt consolidation mortgage loanA debt consolidation mortgage is taking all credit card, line of credit, and other small loans or debts and combining them into one easy to manage, and pay mortgage. With a debt consolidation mortgage being secured on your property, we consolidate debt and get paid off faster with a lower interest rate, in comparison to your unsecured debt, which are usually much higher interest rates.

When doing a debt consolidation, our expert mortgage brokers will assess your debts in detail, to calculate what makes most sense, to consolidate debts

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Reasons To Get A Debt Consolidation Mortgage

Why Home Owners Consolidate Debt Using Their Home Equity

stressed client debt consolidation ✔ Easier To Manage Debt

Make only one payment towards all debts and mortgage. Consolidate debts today instead of managing a mortgage payment along with multiple monthly bill payments to different creditors

✔ Save Money & Improve Monthly Cashflow

Use a low rate debt consolidation mortgage, to pay off high interest loans and other debts. Save money on interest payments and pay off your principle balance faster

✔ Repair & Improve Credit Score

By consolidating unsecured debts into a mortgage, your credit score will begin to repair and improve, as you will no longer be carrying high balances on unsecured debts reporting to your credit bureau.

Use Home Equity

Use your home equity to pay off high interest debt, with a low rate mortgage

Debt Management

Make one payment to your mortgage, instead of multiple creditors

Credit Repair

Reduce your unsecured debt, and start building your credit

Debt Consolidation Mortgage Comparison

Compare a typically before and after debt consolidation, scenario
 Current SituationDebt Consolidation
Savings per month$1,250/month
Home value$350,000$350,000
First mortgage interest rate3%3%
First Mortgage Payment$1,075$1,075
First Mortgage Balance$250,000$250,000
Second Mortgage$250
Second mortgage requested50000
$25,000 High Interest Credit Card Payment$600Paid
$10,000 Unsecured Line of Credit Debt$250Paid
$5000 Loan Payment$150Paid
$10,000 Other$500Paid


My credit cards debt was getting out of control, and very hard to manage. Mortgage Associates Ontario assessed my situation, and arranged an equity based second mortgage and I consolidated my bills with two days. I couldn't have done it without their help and recommend them to anyone needing to consolidate debts.

Heather RobertsonRichmond Hill, Ontario


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