Client Success Stories!

The process was quick and easy. So much information provided. So happy I could still stay with my bank and not pay any fees. Thank you guys for everything! The rate was also fantastic. Hard to believe people still work with the banks!

Thomas Stuntan

I will never understand why people still deal with their banks. I will never work with them again. They always want to take from you and offer you whatever you think is the lowest rates. I was shocked at how many other lenders are offering such lower rates than all of the banks. Very surprising. Mortgage Associates helped me with both my rental properties. You will be hearing from me come next year once my third one needs to be refinanced. Great work!

Sarah Stein - Oshawa, Ontario

Fast, fast, fast. That's what I wanted when I was renewing my mortgage. I just wanted to get it out of the way. Seamless process. I got the low rate that I wanted too. Talk soon!

Ismail Moola - North York, Ontario

I am a new realtor to the industry. I was a bit worried in getting qualified. I was referred to Mortgage Associates Ontario and my agent did a great job in getting me approved for a mortgage. 2.20% 5 year variable is also the lowest I have EVER received for a mortgage rate. I have owned many properties in the past. Sending all my business over!!

Chrisitna Abalgador - Mississauga, Ontario

I have never worked with a mortgage broker before. I am glad I did for my refinance. I needed to consolidate debts. My bank told me I couldn't get approved because of my credit score. Amir was the broker I worked with. He did an unbelievable job and I could never thank him enough. We went from paying about $1,400 a month towards our credit card debts and loans, to paying $550, and started to build a good savings. I will be sending all of my business and referrals to him!

Claudia & Darren NewmanToronto, Ontario

Me and my wife are self-employed. We do not show much on our tax returns. We were tired of paying rent and didn't know we could get qualified. I saw an add for Mortgage Associates and gave them a call. I have worked with Mortgage Brokers before but they always kept telling me I had to pay a fee. I am very thankful to have received the assistance of Bobby Kay, Mortgage Agent. We closed at the beginning of January and I have already recommended him to our good friends also purchasing their first home. Thank you so much Bobby Kay and have a great 2016, we will be in touch!

Suzanne & Michael WilsonNewmarket, Ontario

Why Choose Mortgage Associates Ontario?

  • Exceptional Client Care
  • Continuous Support & Follow Up
  • Great Understanding & Analysis of Your Situation
  • Assessment For Mortgage Suitability To Put You Into The Right Program
  • Excellent Care of First Time Home Buyers & Investors
  • Quick Turn-around Time For Mortgage Approvals
  • Quick Closing For Rushed Files
  • Referral To Lawyers
  • Appraisers & Real Estate Agents
  • Shopping Your Mortgage Among 40+ Lenders & Banks
  • Lowest Interest Rates In The Canadian Mortgage Market
  • Mortgage Features To Help You Pay Your Mortgage Down Faster

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