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Why Choose MAO

Client Care

Detailed Understanding Of Your Specific Needs To Meet Your Financial Goals


Undivided Attention & Dedicated Time To Ensure Your Questions Don’t Go Unanswered

Telephone Access

Since we are not tied to any one bank or lender, our business hours are much more flexible, servicing clients 7 days a week!

E-mail Support

Email Support & Follow Up Beyond Regular Business Hours

Rate Shopping

We Shop Your Mortgage Among 40+ Lenders & Financial Institutions, Getting Them To Compete For Your Business, For The Lowest Interest Rates & Best Mortgage Terms!

Pre-payment Privileges

Pay down up to 20% of your mortgage balance each year
Increase your monthly payments by 20% each year

*Lender Conditions Apply

Portable Mortgages

Our lenders offer flexible portability options, allowing you to transfer a mortgage from one property to another, without breaking the mortgage and paying high penalties!

*Lender Conditions Apply


Careful Analysis of Your Finances To Fit You Into The Most Suitable Mortgage Program, Based on Your Property and Financial Goals!